Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fourth Times a Charm

I had to do one more painting. The last one I finished last night just wasn't sitting right with me. So what do I do when I get off work from the day job? I go to the gym, dink around on the internet watching YouTube videos, talk on the phone with my best friend and, later, my mom. So, 4 1/2 hours I could've spent painting I spent procrastinating! Amazing what else you find the time to do when you HAVE something pressing to do!
So, after putting off what I could no longer put off I put on some good music and got down to work and BOY OH BOY am I happy with the results! YAY.
I think this is the strongest submission for the 'Icons of the West - 2012' show. I'll get everything mailed off tomorrow and just in time! What a whirlwind of 3 days. 4 new paintings in that time, 3 of which I'm proud to submit. I really hope I'm accepted. I'll find out May 7th (my nephew's birthday...double the celebration, maybe) so I'll keep you all posted

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