Saturday, June 16, 2012

Original Art You Can Wear!

Several months ago my friend brought me a picture of a necklace with a cute image in it and said "You should do this!". She thought some of my paintings would be perfect in SUPER mini size and that it would be fun to wear.
I thought it'd be a fun experiment if nothing else and have slowly been acquiring the necessary tools & supplies to make it happen. I have to say, I didn't have high expectations for this. Would they translate well, would my paintings even hold up? Would they loose the magic being that small?
I'm thrilled with the result. I only made 34 (which at the time of painting all these little guys seemed like SO MANY PIECES) and am now wishing I had done more!
I can't wait to see what my collectors and customers think of them when I start selling them at the art fairs!


Alisa Steady said...

Adorable!I would totally buy one of your necklaces if I saw these at a fair. Absolutely!!

Kim Shirley said...

Hey thanks Alisa! I'm glad you like them :)