Friday, August 31, 2012

River City Roots 2012

River City Roots festival was, once again, such a fabulous event to be a part of. As art fairs go it is one of my favorties. I'm in the best city (MISSOULA ROCKS!) selling art and listing to awesome bands. I really love it. Everyone is so wonderful. This year the weather was perfect as was my location (although I was facing into the sun :( bummer). Some of my other favorite vendors were there such as Linda. I have four pairs of her earrings. I LOVE them. They are absolutely amazing. She is such a talented artist. Check out her work at

And now for some images!
The image above is a glass blowing artist! In addition to 'live art', there was a 'hippie' painting station set up by Home Resource. It was so fun watching the images change over the course of the day and the weekend

The Clay Studio also had an interactive art booth. They had a wheel set up where you could throw your own pot! It was fun watching everyone get into the process of creating

And of course the bands....There were 6 bands that played on Saturday and 4 that played on Sunday. It was a wonderful weekend!

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