Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coming Soon...

I have a commission I'm just starting. Honestly, I'm a little worried it might not turn out the way I want it to. *sigh* deep breaths! deep breaths! Hopefully it will and I'm just having a worry wort moment. Time is crucial and so far, nothing is working out. Pressure is on!!! Kinda funny, but when it gets to moments like this and I think about the shrinking timeframe, the "Heat is on" by Glen Frey pops into my head....and it plays over and over and over until I actually start painting. Extra motivation to get the piece going so I can get that song out of my head!

Anyway, I'm also been applying to LOTS of new art festivals for this summer. Hopefully, I'll be accepted.

I'm also getting the opportunity to go to Sedona, AZ soon. I'm really excited!I've heard the area is a magical place, especially for artists, so I'm excited to see what so many people keep talking about.

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