Friday, April 26, 2013

Art Under the Elms

My booth set up this time around...working on a killer setup that is guareented to get me accepted to the big shows!

Had to share some photos I've taken so far from the Art Under the Elms show in Lewiston, ID. The weather is great so far, although there is wind forcasted tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers, praying to god, and doing an anti-wind dance in hopes that it won't come. I hate wind. I guess I really should invest in one of those $800 won't-blow-over-unless-there-is-a-hurricane-outside tents.... Someday. Until then, I'll continue with the three methods that seem to work most days. I must say that I'm really enjoying warm weather! I haven't been actually hot (and had to remove my sweater) since I was in Arizona in February. I love Montana but sometimes I dislike how long we stay cold. I woke up to 21F tuesday morning. BRRRRRRRR. Today, in Lewiston, I walked in 50 degree weather to the art fair at 8AM!!! That was our high on Monday in Whitefish (or close to it). ahhhhhh, warmth :) How nice it is to feel you again.

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Mom said...

Looks good. Good luck to you!!