Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue on Black

Blue on Black 19x30

I finished it! I'm naming it Blue on Black...partly because that song (by Kenny Wayne Shepard) came on my playlist quite often while I was painting this piece and each time I thought how much blue and black (and purple) I was using in this piece. It's very tonal and the phrase, I thought, is fitting (yes, I know the song is about heartache and dealing with it, but we can just look past that aspect). So a shout out to Kenny for his inspiration when it came to a name!

I do want you to know that after I finished the piece and stared long and hard at it determining that it was, indeed, finished, I scanned it and stiched it together in photoshop (as I do with all my pieces) and then noticed a couple spots that needed so shadows. So, I've sinced gone in and given the piece a little more depth and beefed up some shadows within the shadow. I just got so excited that I was finished that I failed to notice I forgot those. Painting time clocked in at just over 19 hours. Add that with the drawing time and I'm under 25 hours for the piece!!! Close to 24 hours of drawing and painting time.

Thanks for letting me share the process with you!!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday night and a fabulous end to your weekend tomorrow.


Lys said...

Ok I totally LOVED seeing the process of this painting! You are so talented, Kim.

Also, slightly unrelated: I rather like the font you use for your watermark (and I think you used the same to show that scratch on the paper earlier). What is it??

Kim Shirley said...

The font is An Unfortunate Event. I saw it and fell in absolute love with it and try to use it any chance I get. It's so fun and edgy!

liz c said...

Looks great Kim! I've enjoyed watching the process!! You are so talented!

Katy said...

OMG, I love this!!!!! You are crazy talented. good job!!!