Saturday, May 11, 2013


So I had the AWESOME opportunity to do a private photo session of two BEAUTIFUL horses so I could get more reference photos. Their owner (hands down the coolest and kindest horse gal in the Flathead Valley - THANKS REBECCA) was kind enough to lunge them for me so I could get a few 'action' shots! Lately, I've felt like I keep using/painting the same images over and over...and while it's not completely true, sometimes I actually have been!!! The last time I took photos of horses that I used as reference for paintings were from 2009. Yeah, it's been awhile.

Anyhoo, the inspiration is almost overwhleming, I'm just not sure where to begin so I haven't painted a week or so. I keep looking at these photos and keep asking myself, what do I want to do first? Do I paint just one horse? or multiple horses? Just a portrait or an action pose? Aghhhhhhhh, the possibilities are endless. Plus, I have several other paintings waiting to happen.

Usually, I'll get an image drawn up & transferred and then start painting immediately, but.....sometimes the piece of paper will sit there for a couple of days or more (the longest I waited to paint an image after it had been transferred to the paper was 13 months!) I have a scottish highland cow, a buffalo and a mountain goat. Plus, I have that motorcycle piece that I need to work more on (the one I blogged about a bit ago).

Funny how your obsession (mine in this case being horses) will completely sidetrack you. Geesh! Well, I decided to show off a couple of images from that photo session. Hopefully soon I'll be showing off a new painting

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