Sunday, January 18, 2015

The First Class

Well, I taught my first watercolor class in about a 8 years yesterday (I last taught in 2006/2007) and it was SO much fun! I had a tiny class but it was fabulous.

We painted flowers and I taught my two students the techniques and process that I use for painting flowers. They seemed to really enjoy themselves. The class was long 11am - 4pm and we used almost every bit of time. We had a break in the middle for from Second Street Pizza which is just a block away.

Here are some pics from the last bit of the class

We ran out of time to finish our pieces but here is the piece I was working on and giving demos of my technique. It's not finished but I'll be sure to finish it hopefully soon (after I finish all of those other pieces I have yet to finish!)

My next class will be a drawing class at the community center and it will be February 21st from 10am - 12:30pm. Yay for teaching!

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