Monday, March 23, 2015

Western Art Week: Wild Bunch Art Show

I just returned from The Wild Bunch Art Show in Great Falls, MT. The show was part of Western Art Week, an event encompassing 10-13 shows where artists set up booths in convention centers or hotel rooms to exhibit their work, art auctions for 19th & 20th century original western art as well as contemporary artwork, and quick draws & demos of current western artists.

The Wild Bunch Art Show was held at the Hampton Inn Convention Center in Great Falls. There were 13 artists at the exhibit. It was 3 1/2 days of greeting guests and art enthusiasts and selling work to collectors new and old. I invested in parts to turn my outdoor art tent into an indoor one. I didn't have all the parts I needed to maximize my space but it worked, and looked good I dare say!

The great thing about this show was the quality of artwork and the variety. There was something for everyone! My neighbor, Jeff Renner, painted detailed images of wildlife in acrylic. Check out his site here!

My good friends Larry and LeAnn Ochsner actually recommended me to the show organizer and promoter! It was great to see them and their stunning jewelry. Click here to check it out!

Close by me was Pam Harr and Harvey Rattey, two bronze sculptures. They were the sweetest little couple! Pam even gave us all a pewter pronghorn (one of my fav animals) as a momento! Thanks Pam! You can check out their work here

Show organizer and promoter Nadine Pickthorn was so nice! She did amazing paintings on rocks and incorporated the rock into the image she was painting. It was really remarkable. I wish I would've gotten a picture them, but she sold them all (I took photos the last day). She also did paintings on traditional canvas and such. Check out her work here.

Connie Tveten (standing up in the last photo) Did incredible carvings of birds. They were pretty remarkable. There was so much wonderful art! Bridget Stiverson created incredible works of art with glass. Leith DeWeese was another watercolorist, Todd Mandeville did some pretty incredibly detailed western paintings, Andy Knudson painted on feathers and tree bark in addition to creating images in a more traditional manner (canvas, paper, etc). Jeff Hoff (the other Jeff!) Painted beautiful images of western wildlife and birds. And from my neck of the woods was Ron & Lynn of Lowery Bronze in Kalispell!

It was a wonderful time getting to see some old friends and to make new ones! I had such a wonderful experience and can't wait for next year! Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a wonderful event to be a part of!

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Mom said...

Looks like it was a great event. So glad you had a good time. Hope it was profitable for you as well. :)