Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chalk n Rock Festival

I was able to participate in the Chalk n' Rock festival that was held in Bigfork, MT again this year. SO MUCH FUN again! There were some great musicians that were playing some fun music and I had a spot next to my friend Kayla. The weather was much cooler than last year which was much better, I thought. I wasn't melting away in the heat. There was a little threat of rain, but it never came. THANK HEAVENS!

For those of you that are new, the chalk n' rock festival is a new thing to Bigfork. This was the 2nd year. They block of Electric Ave. (which is the main street in 'downtown' Bigfork) and paint at least 20 8x8 squares in the middle of the road with black chalk paint. Artists young and old, professional or emerging are invited to chalk up a square with an it an original work of theirs or a work by another artist (most likely long since gone from this world). I did another piece of mine this year...and a horse, again.

They give us a fresh box of chalk and set us loose!

I grid out my image (that I printed out on the computer) and then grid out my giant chalk square and begin drawing. It's sooooooo easy with a grid. You are just copying what you see in each square and WHAM BAM! You have a finished drawing perfectly drawn. That's the easiest part. Then you sit on your knees, bum, side or you squat and work work work! I went through 11 pieces of white chalk this year. I like how it turned out. Everyone was hard at work too. Every now and then, we all would get up and walk around to stretch and check out what else was being chalked.

The chalk n' Rock festival is over two days. Which is great because I really needed it this year. Judging took place at 2pm on Sunday and then awards were announced at 5pm. My friend Kayla won a tie between first for her piece of a squid battling a sea monster! So cool!

The neat thing is the promoters also paint up at least 100 1ft squares for kiddos to chalk up. It is so neat to see what they draw and how they do it. My good friend Melinda came down with her family and her little girl drew a beautiful image that I just have to share with you!

Once again, it was another super fun year. I can't wait for next year...I have so many ideas!

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