Sunday, February 24, 2013

Black & Sorrel

So, I started the different versions of the same horse but in different colors. I'm really liking this! So far two down and plenty of colors to go; Gray, Dapple Gray, Appoloosa, Bay or Buckskin...Yeeeeeeeee haw!



And I had to do one of a Griz. I've been working a couple of different images of Grizzlies for my brother. He just moved to Bozeman (which is where MSU, home of the Bobcats are) and feel that he needs to sport something on his office walls that proves he's a true Grizzly, even if he is in Bozeman. is one image that is finished. The others are in the works.

In the Company of Daisies


Mom said...

Go Griz!!!! Awesome pictures

Jessica Glenn said...

This is a beauty. I love they way you did the fur and especially the grass. So effortless looking!