Friday, March 1, 2013

Just Waitin' For You

Just Waitin' For You

So, I was going to do a painting of a butterfly dancing above a bunch of flowers but when I sat down to transfer the drawing I just sat there and stared at the blank piece of paper. Nope, don't feel like drawing that much. This piece is CHOK full of detail, every stem, every leaf, flower petal, etc. It's going to be an epic piece when it's done, I just know it. But I was sooooooooooooo not in the mood to spend 3 hours carefully and lightly transferring my drawing. So, I did this instead! From transfer to completion, a little under 4 hours....the fact that it is 8x14 helps too. Working on all these mini pieces that past few weeks has spoiled me a little. Guess I'm due to work on a piece that takes me more than one evening, or even a couple of hours to complete. Hello Weekend and painting one piece HERE I COME!

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mom said...

Anxious to see the butterfly above the flowers. This is a nice piece even if it isn't flowers.