Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Works

Dance With The Flowers

Well, here is the flower & butterfly piece I had planned this weekend. Didn't really turn out like I wanted it to, but I still like the result! It's amazing how differently soft press and cold press WC paper work. I was wanting it to have a certain look that I realized (after the first few brush strokes) I could more easily achieve if I were working with cold press. There is a deadline for an exhibit with a gardening theme in Bozeman that I will submit this piece to.

The Edge (study)

This small piece (6x6) is a study for a larger piece I have planned. I want to do a full sheet, 22x30 and this was to give myself an idea of what it would look like. That being said, the scale is so dramatic that it might have an entirely different feel and look. This one will take me awhile I think.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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