Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finished! a new giveaway ;)

Hallelujiah, Praise the Lord! I finished the commission I was having issues with...well, I think I finished it at least. I was having a really hard time getting things to look right and actually worked on four different paintings. Two made it to completion. Another two did not.

I'm waiting now to hear from the client to see which image she prefers and if there I need to tweak anything. This is always the most nerve racking moment for me. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will my vision/interpratation be enough? *holding breath, holding breath*

At this point, it is a victory for me that I was able to get things to work. Hopefully, I'll be posting an image soon.

I'm also excited to announce the piece for a new giveaway...

Four notecard packs of your choice! Each card pack comes with four notecards of a specific theme. I have over 10 different themed card packs to choose from.

So, how to get these notecards...

So, Share a story below of why you like notecards and I'll pick a random winner at the end of the month!


Janina said...

It seems like I always need a card and never have one on hand...ha haaaaaaa.
But seriously, cards are a way for me to share the artists I love with my family and friends. It is much more personal when you can mention in the card that you, "thought you would like Kim Shirley's work as much as I do. I'm luck enough to know her and she is lovely." :)

Jessica said...

I think Janina nailed it. I would add that I like to support my artist friends by buying their product. I still prefer to mail cards over emailing people, and I write to my Grammy often, who doesn't have a computer.
I can't wait to see this commission you've agonized over, Kim! I hit a point with almost every painting where I'm so frustrated, I want to quit, I want to start over, I gnash my teeth and whine and drive my husband crazy. But I muscle through and it always works out in the end.

Lys said...

I love notecards because:

One time I had to spend almost two full years communicating with a very good friend by nothing but snail mail, and anything sent or received was incredibly exciting, especially if it was NOT a plain letter. I'm a big fan of anything card-like and cute.