Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bigfork Festival of the Arts

I know I'm more than a week behind posting, but it has been a crazy week!

The first of the most recent two art fairs was the Bigfork Festival of the Arts in downtown Bigfork, MT. This show is fun and feels really big. There are more than 150 artist stretched through the main two streets of downtown Bigfork. I did the art fair by myself this time and never had a chance to walk the entire festival to see all the booths. I wish I had that opportunity, but it was probably for the best. I always find WAY to many things to buy (for myself or others) and can get myself in trouble. I'm addicted to original works of art, what can I say!

This year I was along Grand Ave, or near the beginning of the fair. I had a north facing tent (south side of the street) which meant I was in shade most of the day and thank heavens, it was w a r m! This art fair is unique in that you can't leave your tent up the whole time. You have to take down each night, which makes for a long day and a lot of work. I slept like a rock at the end of each night.

I had some great neighbors (I'm so lucky that I keep getting awesome neighbors) and a lot of fun meeting people.

Enjoy the pictures!

I had to show off one of my pieces framed in the new frames I've been getting from pictureframes.com. They have been a fabulous company to work with and really give me more options since my dad isn't so close to me any more. He makes such fabulous frames but I don't have the access to his talent that I once did so pictureframes.com has been my go to frame source! I love them. I framed this piece just days before and then ended up selling it at the Bigfork Art Festival! :D

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Mom said...

I am so glad you had a successful show. I am sad I was not able to be there to help you out. Very nice looking booth by the way!!!