Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glacier Trees

Here is some progress on another piece I've been working on. This one is very tedious. It is from a photo I took in Glacier a couple of months after I moved to Whitefish almost 3 years ago. Shoot dang! Time goes by quickly. I've masked some parts of the trees to preserve the white from the light that will be hitting them, but everything else is painted one slow detail at a time. It may look simple enough but it is very time consuming. I think I've already put 10 hours into it...a little here, a little there. I haven't been keeping track as I ought because I've also been working on other pieces and will consistently take a break and work on another mini piece.

I'm on narrow horizontal kick right now! The last floral piece I finished was this format. I also have another horse image ready to go at this format...but I don't want to start that until I finish this and more minis and then apply for some shows. I have so many ideas and want to paint them all but I can't do everything at once! Plus, postponing a piece often gives me more time to think about it, tweak the composition, ponder about the painting process I'll use, and (cross fingers) lead to a more polished piece in the end.

Well, I just wanted to share! Happy Wednesday!

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