Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finished Painting and a couple of mini's

I finished it! Spent all day working on this piece and a bunch of mini pieces for upcoming benefit auction exhibitions. So, you get two posts in one day! :D

Trunks & Tops, 30x11

I wish digital images captured all the subtle details but sadly they don't. As cool as it looks on here it's much more striking in the flesh. Oh well...Hope you enjoy it! I'm happy with the result.

It's a busy/chaotic piece but there is a method to my maddness. I have the subtle focal point that draws your eye, but then you look to the left, the right, back at the middle, back to the left, back to the middle. I wanted to capture the look and feeling I get when I see a patch of daisies. There are always so many different ones but of equal beautiful. I look at one and think of how stunning it is. 'Surely another daisy can't be more perfe...Oh look! There is one. Hey! There is another. Oooooooh, three more over there. Oppp, two over here'. When I'm looking at a patch of daisies, I usually spend a bit of time looking at all the different flowers. They are all so stunning and compete for my attention. So, hopefully you get that sense in this piece. I have another daisy one (vertical one this time) that I'll be starting soon...that isn't so spastic!

Here are a couple of mini's. These two are my favorites from today. So much so that they are probably going to become larger paintings soon! For sure the grey one!

Both of these pieces are under 4 inches.


Mom said...

I love the daisys. Beautiful. Do more flowers kiddo. :)

debwardart said...

Very cool, and I like the format, a little bit unexpected and it helps create the feeling of being in the field with the flowers. Beautiful!

Corrina said...

I'm excited to find a spot for your little grey =)