Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thinking Spring

I started working on a forest of daisies last night. I got so into it and completely lost track of time! I felt I had gotten to a good stopping point and decided to watch a movie before going to bed. Well, as I walked to my living room to pick a flick, I noticed the time... 2:15am. HOLY BUCKETS! I didn't realize that so much time had passed. Lots of washes and layers sure can be fun :)

I've already worked on it a couple of hours today. Just taking a break to eat some lunch and then I'll be back at it! This piece is 30x11. can't wait to see what the final result will be.

Happy Saturday


janina said...

Oooooh I love it! Did you use masking fluid to maintain the white of the daisies?

Kim Shirley said...

Yup! I completely covered all the foreground stems and only masked the petals of the flowers (not the middle.