Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Sooooooooooooooooo, It's my birthday tomorrow! Yup, Smack dab in the middle of May :) I'm a taurus (if you're into zodiac signs) and I AM my sign (yes I'm stubborn...I'll admit it). I LOVE birthdays. They are truely the best. I know getting older kinda bites in some ways (where is a vampire when you need one? LOL) But I love the celebration of life and new resolutions. Birthdays are awesome for that...helps you gauge what really happened the past year...more so than New Year's (I tend to think New Year's is a little overrated).

So back to my birthday. Today was a celebration of it. A pre-birthday celebration. A couple of days ago my boss, Jill, (at the day job) said this week is so busy that we'll celebrate next week when we'll all be around. I was totally fine with this. It is a busy week and she'll be gone a bit, I'm planning on doing some traveling so it was all good. Well, SURPRISE! Birthday party TODAY! Yup, my desk was decorated and prezzies were on it with cards and crinkle paper and candies and flowers.

Well as the day progressed it turned into the whole five star family and friends day. Jill's husband John, prepared a feast of homemade hamburgers (which I have been craving for a MONTH) and potato salad, coleslaw, and an amazing Carmel tresleche cake from (my favorite store) Costco! YUM!!!!!!!

It was so overwhelming and touching. I am so blessed with fabulous friends. I really just want to cry tears of joy and thankfulness. I really love life. It is beautiful. I'm so excited about #32 and can't wait to see what wonderful things I have to look forward to!

And, all you followers out there across the country and world, celebrate with me tomorrow! :) Go for a hike, Run a mile, Explore a new area you have been wanting to check out, Hug your friends, Take some time to sit in the sun and soak up the rays, Plant some herbs....Do something simple but fun tomorrow! It may be May 15th, but it is a start of a new year! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!


Lys said...

How fun to start a worldwide birthday party! You're adorable. I certainly will celebrate with you tomorrow, Kim. Happy happy birthday!!

Mom said...

I love your positivity!!!!!! You are amazing. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I will plant flowers to help you celebrate!!!!