Sunday, May 4, 2014

Big 'Ol Bison

Welp, I'm pretty much finished. I just have a few minor tweaks and I'll be finished! SO excited about how this guy turned out. In the early stages of the piece, my friend, Amanda, said he looked like he had a 'fro. Buffa-fro? He does have some pretty fuzzy bangs going on!

Big 'Ol Bison, 35x22

And, on a fun note....I got to do the Color Me Rad 5K in Missoula with my two besties....Sami & Amanda. It was so much fun. If any of you haven't done this fun run before, you HAVE to! It is an absolute blast. So many people dressed up...I even saw a guy wearing angle wings, lots of tutus and a couple of girls were in wedding dresses. FUN!

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